Oct 22, 2010

A response in Kuensel to my piece on man's arrest for showing Christian movies. (Rightly Booked?)

As the writer mentioned in the article "The moral police of democratic Bhutan?" We are a largely Buddhist nation and we have been living in peace and harmony for the past 103 years and we like it and are proud of it.We all are aware that religion and faith conflicts create disharmony and result in division of family and country.

The writer has also rightly pointed out that our children are being sent to Christian schools and we invite Jesuits to help out with our education system. It also needs to be mentioned that, we have never experienced Jesuits forcing our children to change religion against our wish or any interference in our way of life.

Regarding the Gelephu case whoever the prosecuting entity was has rightly booked the offense under "promotion of civil unrest" keeping in mind the brutal incidents and aggressive behavior of some believers in some places in Bhutan. The killing of innocent women at a place in Dorokha is testimony to this fact. A pastor visited the remote village and polarized the faith of the people. A woman expressed her displeasure to join and listen to them. Therefore, she was branded as Satan and beaten to death. - Kuenselonline

This is another response :

PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:55 am    Post subject: THE MORAL POLICE OF DEMOCRATIC BHUTAN ? BY SONAM ONGMO.
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This is reference to kuensel article dt.16th Oct.2010 contributed by sonam Ongmo,NewYork.

As sonam mentioned,we are largely Buddhist nation,so sonam must be also knowing that,we have been living in peace and harmony for the past 103 years and we like it and proud of it.

We all are aware that,religion and faith conflicts has been creating disharmony resulting killing of fellow citizens and dividing the family and the country. For example,Hindus and Muslims of India gave united fight against the British rule for more than 200 years but finally divided into hindustan(India) and Pakistan due to religion and faith. The Ajoydha temple issue is another fresh problem and still remained unsolved.

The war against terrorism in Pakistan,Afganstan,Iraq and some pockets of India has truned into religious war resulting in killing of thousand innocent citizens and making them homeless.

Yes sonam has rightly pointed out that,our childern sending to christian schools and we invited Jesuits to help out with our education system.But it needs to be mentioned that,we have never experienced Christian school management(out side Bhutan) and our invited Jesuits forcing our childern to change the religion against our wish and moreover they never interfered into our way of life and religious matter so far.Instead they were/are more interested to join our peace loving society and expressed their love and respect to the faith and sentiments of majority Bhutanese.

Regarding Gelephu case,I believe,Gelephu judicary/police or whoever the prosecuting(as sonam mentioned)has rightly booked the offence under "promotion of civil unrest" keeping in mind on the following brutal incidents and aggresive behaviour of so called beliver of Christianity(BIS WA SEE) in some places of Bhutan.

In 90's, one Bhutanese girl was sent out side bhutan by his uncle with a group of christain friends for the service to church.But after few years she was found in prostitute line in siliguri and brought back to Bhutan, learnt that she was sold by friends.

The killing of innocent women at a place in Dorokha is the testimony of another fact.A christain pastor visited remote village in Dorokha to polarize the faith of the people.A lady expressed her displeasure to join and listen them.Therefore,she was branded as SATAN and was mercilessly beaten to death.

In bhutan,who have joined christian religion are provided huge amount of financial supports by the missionaries from out side.Therefore,disgruntle people who failed in business ventures,failed in govt. jobs,chronic patients,unemployed youths and poor people are being targetted and become beneficary of such campaigns.

A poor guy of yesterday has purchased land,building and driving luxury cars today, with out known source of income...GUESS HOW DID HE MANAGE ?

The involvement of people with such characters do not hesitate to pass bad comments against the other religions and good to Christianity.If such acts is encouraged,it may lead to CIVIL UNREST in future.


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