Feb 1, 2011

Shocking physical abuse of 13 year old in Bhutan

Maltreated 13-year-old
Date: Tuesday, February 01, 2011 @ 00:43:51 EST
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Guardians alleged for the abuse1 February, 2011 - A 13-year-old boy from Ladhak, India, is under Respect Educate Nurture Empower Women’s (RENEW) care after his guardians allegedly battered him.

The boy was brought into the country by a 24-year-old rinpoche, also from Ladhak, currently a student at the Tango monastery, to study with him.
In his statement to RENEW officials, the victim said he came to the country about eight months ago along with rinpoche’s cousin sister.
The boy claimed he was treated well for the first few weeks then the severe physical beatings began.
RENEW officials said an informer who had witnessed the boy’s battered state informed them about the boy and his being abused.
“The informer came to us with photographs of the boy as evidence,” the official said. “The boy was naked, sitting on the cement outside the door holding a book with bruises on his arm.”
The informer, officials said, had been witnessing the boy, sitting naked outside, studying, on numerous occasions.
RENEW official immediately contacted police and went to the house where the boy lived with his guardians.
“There were blood stains on the steps and floor,” a RENEW official said.
According to officials, the boy claimed he was tortured every time he failed to memorise and retell abstracts from a book he was given to study.
The victim, officials said, was suffering from hypothermia, which they believe could be because of exposure to cold.
The boy had alleged of being thrown out in the cold and being poured with cold water once when he cried after being caned.
Apart from the bruise-covered body, picture’s of the boy RENEW officials showed Kuensel revealed a gash on his face and above his left eye. The boy also had a scar on his back, which the boy alleged was scalded with a hot knife used on him.
The case is ongoing at the Thimphu district court.
The police had charged the cousin for battery, torture, endangering the child’s life and illegal migration. Both the woman and the boy had entered without any valid documents. While the woman has been recently bailed out, the rinpoche is out of station.
By Yangchen C Rinzin

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