Apr 22, 2011


Dear readers/visitors,

It is highly flattering when my stories are used for papers/publications. However, please remember that you HAVE TO inform me BEFORE you use them (yes, every time you want to) AND you must (please, thank you) CREDIT my blog and not just put my name under.

The reason I say this is because writing a blog post for my personal blog is not the same as writing for a print publication. There are differences in how the story reads once it is out in print (also blogposts are more informal) and I just happen to be particular about it and if you are lifting it from my blog, without informing me, it makes me feel better to let readers know that this came from my blog)

Otherwise it makes it seem - if you don't credit my blog - as if I wrote the story/article for you, when I did not. I would write one for you or fine tune the piece for publication in your newspaper/publication if you only just ask me to - like I said it is flattering and I am willing to oblige. But lifting stories/pieces straight as they are is not right (maybe not even ethical if you don't inform me which makes it worse).

THANK YOU for taking the time to read this. Remember I couldn't be more than happy to have my articles reach a bigger audience and you help me do this and I appreciate all your efforts.
So Kadinche once again!!



Langa said...

Oh yeah, it's right. they should really inform you before they do it. It is a big mistake on their part. I hope they read this appeal of yours and inform you in the future.

sonam ongmo said...

thanks Langa, you can please help pass on this message! :)

Lingchen Jurmey Dorji said...

Wow!!! Mme Sonam ongmo sounds here like some angry American lady.